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Welcome to my website!

I have been self-employed as an artist for over 24 years. Starting with pottery, I then explored painting on silk and designing silk scarves, ties and wall pieces. About 6 years ago I added jewelry to my repertoire. For most of these years I sold my work on Granville Island, starting in the Public Market. In 2001 I moved into one of the new studios on Railspur Alley and 8 years later onto Old Bridge Street. Unfortunately, my lease expired and I am no longer on Granville Island.

Calling my business the UUSOJA Collection, I have participated in highly juried Art & Craft Shows across Canada and the United States.

Being able to express myself through art has always been my passion and began when I was quite young. If there has been one continuous thread through these many years, it has been my love of color. There is nothing quite like the luster and richness of silk fabric when it comes to expressing color. My many pieces of wearable art are a testament to this.

Beads open up another world of color, in a more three-dimensional form. When I travel I like to find both exotic and antique beads and components to give my jewelry their unique flavor.

Also, I love the colors of such semi-precious stones as Turquoise, Coral, Lapis and Amber.

Please come and explore my website and discover my world of color and design!

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